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BitCurb ETL provides enterprise level conversion engine, which can parse and transform your financial file format into easy to read format. We support SWIFT MT 940, SWIFT MT 950 and CSV which can be transformed into easy to read CSV or open-standard JSON file formats.


BitCurb Crunch engine is the solution for your reconciliation process needs. It is offered as REST API and supports high volume data and complex reconciliation processes.

Excel Add-In

BitCurb supports data processing and reconciliation in your Excel spreadsheets. Get the Excel Add-In from the Office Store Apps and you are ready to go.

Financial data getting easier


Supported file formats

SWIFT MT 940, SWIFT MT 950 and CSV. We will be adding many more.


How it works

You as a business owner you are in control and define what data you need to be extracted and how it needs to be transformed. Our ETL Engine takes care of the rest and you can either get the transformed data in CSV or in JSON format.


Cloud storage integration

BitCurb provides integration with Dropbox, OneDrive and SFTP. Your data files just pass through as they are processed by our ETL Engine - we don't store any data on our servers. What we track is statistical aggregated data for analytics that are available to you at no additioanl cost



Industry and Business Agnostic

BitCurb Crunch Engine is data agnostic and can be used in Financial and Banking institutions, Payment processors, Online retailers, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc.


How it works

BitCurb Crunch Engine is offered as a REST API and can be integrated into your existing Line of Business Applications. It is also readily available in Excel through our BitCurb Excel Add-In to enhance your spreadsheets.


SaaS Offering

BitCurb Crunch Engine is unique because it is offered as a Software as a Service under different editions to meet your business needs. It is enterprise ready and can handle millions of data records.

Spreadsheets on Steroids


Supported versions

BitCurb Excel Add-In is available for Excel Online (Office 365) and Excel 2016.


How it works

BitCurb Excel Add-In comes with a set of functions that enables power users to build powerful expressions that allow BitCurb Crunch Engine to reconcile your spreadsheet data and show the results.


How to get started

Just download and install BitCurb Excel Add-In, create a free trial account and you are ready to go.

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